Scandinavian Lecture

2016: Prof. Dr. Jens Folke Kiilgaard (Kopenhagen)
         "Ophthalmological challenges in Greenland"

2015: Prof. Dr. Anders Kvanta (Stockholm)
         "Embryonic stem cell transplantation to the subretinal space"

2013: Prof. Dr. Morten la Cour (Kopenhagen)
         "Retinal detachment: an evidence based approach –the Denmark experience"

2010: Prof. Dr. Einar Stefansson (Reykjavik)
         "Mechanisms of panretinal lasercoagulation"


East European Lecture

2011: Prof. Dr. János Németh (Budapest)
         "International Multicenter LIPCOF Study for the Diagnosis of Dry Eye"

European Lecture

2012: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Rose (London)
         "Customised treatment of patients with thyroid eye disease"

European Guest Lecture

2014: Prof. Dr. Adrian Hopkins (Decatur, Georgia/USA)
         "40 Jahre Augenheilkunde in Entwicklungsländern – Rückblick und Ausblick"